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ass kickery

January 2010



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Jan. 9th, 2010


Writer's Block: The supper club

Which persons, living or dead, would you invite to a fantasy dinner party? What topics would you discuss? Are there any subjects would you avoid? Lastly, what kind of food would you serve?

I remember from my A level studies in English Literature of such an occasion. I don't remember the name of the play, though that I remember it was a play is amazing in its self. The play was about feminisim in England at the time of Thatcher being in power. And now the name occurs to me! IT's called 'Top Girls'.

Anyway, to a fantasy dinner party, I believe I would invite at the most six people other than myself. As too many people would bring in too many fights! (as learned from when Families gather for special occasions.)

These six people would have to be:

1. Jane Austin, being my favorite classics writer I would have to know what had her write, straight from her mouth.
2. Queen Victoria, to understand why people look to her as they look to marmaite: you love her or hate her.
3. Lewis Carol, I need to know either what he was on, or what he was thinking when he wrote my favorite childrens book Alice in Wonderland.
4. Christine, a friend of mine who'd love to get in on this.
5. Emily, same as above.
6. Liz, also the same as above.

Any topics which came up I would be happy with diuscussing. I'm not one to worry about topics of conversation really. However with there being half of us English, the weather would have to come up at one point.

Food that would be served? Well as it's a fantasy dinner party, I would have to say, that this diner would be carried out at a reasturant which serves dishes from different countrys, and traditional dishes from such countrys. I believe that covers all bases.